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from Agency Made Me Do It
  • That being said – if you suffer from agency-related problems such as akrasia, frustration, powerlessness, or depression, you might be able to use the ideas explored here to get a handle on them and perhaps even find your way out of them.
from Patterns of Refactored Agency
  • More recently, George Ainslie’s Breakdown of Will provides an intriguing economic model of the relationships between mental subselves, particularly as it relates to akrasia and time-inconsistent preferences.
from Nihilism in Art
  • It's always a mistake to try to reduce an artwork to a philosophical position; and anyone making art has already escaped the more obvious forms of nihilistic akrasia.
from Coherence Arguments Do Not Imply Goal Directed Behavior
  • Humans are subject to inconsistent judgements (eg in the classic Trolley problem). Human desires are often at war with each other (eg in cases of akrasia or addiction). George Ainslie