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agential realism

17 Jan 2021 05:15 - 08 Jan 2022 10:04

    • Agential Realism

      • Karen Barad, Meeting the Universe Halfway
      • Here, in an exploration bursting with transdisciplinary theological possibility, Barad reads matter itself, by virtue of its entanglement with a persistently not-nothing quantum void, as messianically inflected, kabbalistically encrypted, politically explosive. And so the “differential entanglements” that join us in our inextricable alterities echo “the mystical depth of Isaac Luria’s cosmology, with the iterative rematerialization of the world based on ongoing intra-actions whereby . . . the world is re-created anew in each moment.” (|from Entangled Worlds intro)
        • alright maybe too out-there for my rationalist brain