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'Pataphysics08 May 2021 07:1053.3K
2001: A Space Odyssey29 Sep 2021 01:1651.6K
4E cognition24 Feb 2021 01:1450.7K
A Memory Called Empire06 Aug 2021 01:4553.1K
A Visual Representation for Knowledge Structures02 Jul 2021 08:3980.3K
About30 Aug 2021 12:2303.8K
About the Author19 Sep 2021 02:2321.5K
Accelerationism19 Mar 2021 09:2252.1K
Accursed Ipsissimosity10 Apr 2021 05:2648.0K
actor network02 Jul 2021 08:4753.2K
addiction01 Apr 2021 07:5640.6K
Agar18 Jan 2021 03:5750.7K
agency07 Jun 2021 01:0025.1K
Agency at the Media Lab11 Apr 2021 01:2325.9K
Agency Made Me Do It26 May 2021 08:5005.7K
Agency: Introduction23 Feb 2021 07:4344.6K
Agency: notes and references25 May 2021 10:22415.4K
agential realism17 Jan 2021 05:1551.2K
agential refactoring09 Jan 2021 09:3140.4K
AI Risk31 Mar 2021 06:0153.0K
AI risk ≡ capitalism15 Jun 2021 03:3043.3K
Alan Kay01 Sep 2021 09:5224.1K
Alan Moore24 Mar 2021 09:3181.1K
algebraic16 May 2021 01:4581.0K
Aliveness20 Mar 2021 09:4560.7K
All Things Shining11 Apr 2021 01:3451.1K
Allen Ginsberg03 Jun 2021 09:1240.1K
AMMDI04 Mar 2021 10:3420.4K
anarchism28 Jul 2021 09:0666.6K
anarchy-list02 May 2021 09:28610.5K
anatman16 Jan 2021 03:0770.2K
animism12 Aug 2021 01:4247.1K
anti-purpose07 Jul 2021 02:3638.9K
antipolitics11 Apr 2021 04:4224.4K
authoritarianism10 Apr 2021 06:5081.1K
authority10 Apr 2021 06:5561.2K
Awkwardness08 Mar 2021 10:2050.3K
Be Slightly Evil10 Mar 2021 08:4150.4K
Behave!19 Sep 2021 02:2461.1K
Being a Robust Agent03 Jun 2021 01:40310.0K
Bergson05 Oct 2021 02:4782.0K
BioBike VPL19 Sep 2021 04:5060.7K
bird's eye view vs. frog's eye view26 May 2021 07:3341.3K
Blockoid19 Sep 2021 02:2360.5K
Blood Meridian03 Jun 2021 09:1947.1K
book12 Aug 2021 05:3330.1K
Book of the New Sun06 Aug 2021 12:5560.1K
Brainworks28 Feb 2021 09:1650.5K
Bruce Sterling19 Mar 2021 09:3450.4K
Bruno Latour14 May 2021 06:1947.1K
Buddhism12 Aug 2021 02:2953.9K
capitalism08 May 2021 09:5262.2K
Carl Schmitt08 May 2021 07:1051.1K
Cataloging the World: Paul Otlet and the Birth of the Information Age08 Jul 2021 04:03511.3K
Charles Taylor0.0K
Christopher Alexander29 May 2021 02:4453.3K
Clojure06 Jun 2021 12:5840.4K
Codex OS26 May 2021 08:4340.8K
Coen brothers14 Mar 2021 04:3461.8K
Coherence Arguments Do Not Imply Goal Directed Behavior09 Apr 2021 10:5142.4K
computational constitution14 Aug 2021 01:1076.6K
Computer Lib / Dream Machines29 Mar 2021 08:4240.4K
Computer Power and Human Reason31 Jul 2021 10:2953.1K
conceptual museum06 Jun 2021 11:2060.9K
conflict theory24 Jul 2021 10:00410.7K
consent26 Mar 2021 07:5651.2K
conspiracy theory21 Mar 2021 10:1444.5K
constructionism13 Jul 2021 04:3040.7K
corporate personhood31 Mar 2021 10:5560.1K
Cybernetic Revolutionaries28 Jul 2021 02:4250.5K
cybernetics28 Jul 2021 08:2522.4K
Cyc02 Jul 2021 08:3761.5K
David Foster Wallace13 Jun 2021 05:4160.8K
David Graeber03 Jun 2021 09:1651.5K
Death, Nothingness, Subjectivity58.1K
Demeney Voting27 Jun 2021 10:1991.6K
Denial of Death31 Aug 2021 12:5850.8K
design06 Apr 2021 09:2250.4K
Design for the Real World09 Aug 2021 10:1961.7K
digital garden29 May 2021 11:5274.8K
Disenchantment08 May 2021 07:2261.3K
dissertation18 Feb 2021 08:3522.1K
Distraction15 Mar 2021 10:5351.2K
Don Delillo08 Mar 2021 10:2170.9K
Doug Engelbart10 Mar 2021 08:4340.3K
dumbbell theory01 May 2021 07:1842.8K
Edith Ackermann26 Jul 2021 09:1144.9K
eliminativism30 May 2021 08:5142.5K
EM Cioran22 Jun 2021 01:2153.3K
Emacs24 Mar 2021 06:3950.1K
Embedded Agency03 Jun 2021 01:4045.9K
Emotion Machine0.0K
end-user programming12 Sep 2021 09:2961.3K
Enflame19 Sep 2021 04:4860.7K
Engineers of Human Souls06 Apr 2021 09:2453.5K
equality and hierarchy16 Feb 2021 08:5861.8K
Erik Davis02 Apr 2021 12:5152.7K
Erving Goffman10 Jul 2021 10:5160.1K
eternalism16 Feb 2021 04:3960.3K
Ethnomethodology30 Aug 2021 11:1460.9K
Evan Thompson07 Aug 2021 10:3550.9K
Examining the Society of Mind04 Sep 2021 03:2170.9K
Existentialism19 Jun 2021 11:5462.3K
Explaining Hitler03 Oct 2021 10:2851.0K
Explaining Insight Meditation and Enlightenment in Non-Mysterious Terms07 Jun 2021 01:0547.6K
extended brain16 May 2021 12:06100.1K
Finite and Infinite Games09 Apr 2021 11:3851.8K
For Memorial Day31 May 2021 09:4542.7K
Francisco Varela13 Aug 2021 03:11411.4K
free speech17 Feb 2021 12:3564.2K
Freud16 Oct 2021 11:0742.4K
Further reading29 Dec 2020 12:3640.2K
Games: Agency as Art09 Apr 2021 11:5252.5K
George Ainslie01 Apr 2021 08:0641.6K
Global Standards for Knowledge Representation10 Jul 2021 10:2772.2K
Good Old-fashioned Liberal Individualism72.1K
gradgrindism01 Feb 2021 01:2441.9K
green links0.0K
Gregory Bateson29 Mar 2021 11:5242.7K
group agency18 Jul 2021 09:0657.4K
Gui Bonsiepe09 Aug 2021 10:1581.0K
hack29 Sep 2021 11:1442.4K
haecceity18 Apr 2021 09:0641.7K
Heidegger26 Mar 2021 09:0361.0K
Heidegger on the Connection between Nihilism, Art, Technology and Politics11 Apr 2021 01:3468.8K
High Weirdness07 Aug 2021 05:1954.0K
Hofstadter’s Gödel, Escher, Bach02 Apr 2021 07:3171.0K
Homage to New York07 Aug 2021 09:2790.9K
Homo Ludens16 Feb 2021 09:5544.4K
How to think about Nazis03 Oct 2021 11:4864.9K
Hubert Dreyfus0.0K
humanization02 Jun 2021 11:2480.4K
hyperstition30 Sep 2021 08:5559.2K
hypertext tools and practices20 Jan 2021 11:3141.5K
I Am You50.4K
IAnnotate Conference28 Jul 2021 09:26510.3K
illegibility11 Apr 2021 02:5441.7K
Illuminatus!20 Mar 2021 09:4160.2K
imago02 Jun 2021 01:5171.0K
Imagos and Imprimers13 May 2021 06:1774.0K
Imagos Inc06 Aug 2021 12:5572.9K
imperturbability09 Apr 2021 11:5361.2K
Infinite Jest13 Apr 2021 10:2441.5K
influence24 Jan 2021 10:0640.2K
Infrastructure of intention26 May 2021 08:4952.9K
intentional programming10 Jul 2021 10:5651.2K
Internal Family Systems28 Sep 2021 01:3360.8K
Introduction to Inventive Minds25 May 2021 10:21019.3K
Inventive Minds23 Apr 2021 05:4121.8K
James Carse02 Feb 2021 09:1650.1K
JCR Licklider01 Apr 2021 08:0460.3K
Joel Kovel16 Oct 2021 11:0672.2K
John McCarthy24 Jan 2021 10:2760.1K
Karl Popper21 Mar 2021 10:0661.7K
Kenan Malik15 Feb 2021 09:0364.3K
Kevin Kelly09 Apr 2021 11:3850.9K
knowledge visualization11 Jul 2021 02:4670.9K
Korsgaard14 Aug 2021 09:3444.7K
Labor and Embodiment06 Sep 2021 08:3772.7K
Lao Tzu12 Aug 2021 08:2251.3K
Laws of Form05 Mar 2021 10:1360.2K
Laying Down a Forking Path13 Aug 2021 03:2071.3K
libertarianism02 May 2021 09:2742.7K
Life: A User's Manual29 Mar 2021 08:4650.9K
Lines of Thought16 May 2021 12:0671.4K
Lisp09 Jul 2021 08:1142.2K
literacy20 Jan 2021 06:1790.8K
LiveWorld20 Jan 2021 08:3740.7K
Livia Polanyi18 Apr 2021 09:2851.4K
living fictions24 Jul 2021 12:2455.3K
Logseq28 Jul 2021 09:2721.8K
Long Now23 Jun 2021 11:1762.1K
Lost Visions of the Information Age (Part 2)07 Aug 2021 08:1271.9K
Lumo19 Sep 2021 04:5260.4K
Making of a Counter-Culture08 May 2021 08:1742.8K
Malcolm X College30 Aug 2021 12:2752.0K
Maps in static-roam10 Jun 2021 10:1142.5K
Martin Buber14 Sep 2021 01:0251.1K
Marvin Minsky10 Jul 2021 10:2326.4K
Marx20 Feb 2021 07:5362.3K
Marxist theories of agency01 Mar 2021 07:4170.1K
Mastery of Non-Mastery0.0K
Mastery of Non-Mastery in the Age of Meltdown10 Jul 2021 10:51713.0K
May Day01 May 2021 10:5902.7K
Meaningness18 Apr 2021 09:0743.9K
Meaningness, Nihilism, and Me27 Sep 2021 08:3864.9K
Media Science07 Jun 2021 12:5523.7K
Media Science Heroes21 May 2021 07:0942.1K
Meditations on Meditations on Moloch03 Jun 2021 09:10215.7K
memoization06 Jun 2021 12:5860.4K
Meta-honesty11 Jul 2021 01:0243.6K
metacognitive engineering16 May 2021 03:0467.1K
metaphor16 Feb 2021 05:3141.4K
metapsychology16 Oct 2021 11:0563.2K
methodological individualism11 Apr 2021 04:3450.1K
mimesis16 May 2021 12:23101.8K
Mimesis and Alterity16 May 2021 12:2381.7K
Minsky on Philosophers31 Jul 2021 10:1740.6K
Minsky True Names Afterword02 Mar 2021 10:44438.4K
Minsky vs Chomsky05 Jul 2021 10:3441.9K
monotheism17 Mar 2021 09:1372.4K
my writing and publishing stack24 Mar 2021 06:3931.4K
Naming the Nameless03 Jun 2021 01:3837.4K
narrative07 Jun 2021 01:0360.1K
Narrative Intelligence06 Jul 2021 08:5753.0K
narrative self07 Jun 2021 01:0354.3K
naturalist agency28 Feb 2021 09:0552.0K
nebulosity13 Jun 2021 02:4044.7K
neoreaction05 Mar 2021 09:4743.8K
neovitalism11 Jun 2021 03:4144.5K
Nick Land10 Mar 2021 08:4260.7K
Nietzsche10 Apr 2021 07:2440.5K
Nihil Unbound02 Oct 2021 11:4159.2K
nihilism28 Aug 2021 11:1159.0K
Nihilism and Agency04 Sep 2021 10:3663.3K
Nihilism in Art25 Sep 2021 10:05617.7K
No Country for Old Men19 Feb 2021 07:2651.0K
Notes on Daybreak06 Jun 2021 09:20424.5K
Obstinancy09 Apr 2021 11:4452.6K
occult06 Mar 2021 09:0641.1K
Occult Features of Anarchism22 Jul 2021 04:1250.1K
optimizing10 Apr 2021 08:4845.6K
Orality and Literacy01 Jul 2021 09:5356.1K
orthogonality thesis11 Apr 2021 04:3354.9K
Out of Control19 Feb 2021 03:4451.5K
Overstory02 Jan 2021 11:1950.3K
Pacifica Police Incidents19 Sep 2021 02:2362.4K
paperclip maximizer10 Mar 2021 08:4441.6K
Parker Institute31 Aug 2021 09:3260.2K
Paste Markdown Link09 Oct 2021 12:0942.8K
Patterns of Refactored Agency07 Jun 2021 01:04536.6K
Phil Agre17 Mar 2021 11:2341.6K
Philip K Dick14 Feb 2021 10:5371.4K
play26 Jul 2021 07:5527.7K
Play as a Cognitive Primitive07 Jun 2021 01:04515.8K
Politics and Pragmatism in Scientific Ontology Construction09 Jul 2021 12:3943.4K
postrationalism19 Feb 2021 08:4520.9K
powerful abstraction06 Apr 2021 09:2551.5K
Procedural knowledge in molecular biology26 Mar 2021 10:4771.8K
procedural thinking11 Apr 2021 12:0052.4K
Project Cybersyn09 Aug 2021 09:0766.6K
Purposive Explanation in Psychology10 Jun 2021 07:4350.8K
Pyrrho21 Mar 2021 10:1870.6K
quarantine reading06 Apr 2021 09:2573.8K
Rationalism29 Sep 2021 11:18211.8K
Rationality and the Structure of the Self10 Apr 2021 08:4372.5K
rationality" vs "rationalism23 Jun 2021 08:1142.1K
RD Laing23 Jun 2021 10:1366.4K
re-enchantment08 May 2021 06:3441.9K
reaper19 Sep 2021 04:5261.3K
Red Plenty0.0K
reductionism17 Feb 2021 12:3572.7K
refactoring20 Jan 2021 06:3480.4K
relationship between cybernetics and psychoanalysis22 Aug 2021 06:33411.6K
representational objectivism25 Jan 2021 09:1340.4K
Review: A Map That Reflects the Territory03 Jun 2021 01:3709.2K
Ribbonfarm21 Mar 2021 12:5440.5K
ritual18 Jan 2021 07:2040.2K
Roam09 Oct 2021 07:1827.3K
Robert Anton Wilson70.1K
Roger Penrose09 Apr 2021 11:4752.1K
rubberducking02 Jun 2021 02:0561.1K
schizophrenia30 May 2021 09:1440.9K
Seymour Papert0.0K
shame08 Aug 2021 09:3966.2K
Sherry Turkle24 Jul 2021 02:4752.4K
SICP11 Apr 2021 10:1721.5K
situated action18 Apr 2021 09:0760.8K
slack31 Jan 2021 10:2770.2K
SlateStarCodex05 Mar 2021 09:4741.6K
SmartTables19 Sep 2021 02:2451.3K
SneerClub15 Jul 2021 10:2373.5K
social construction14 May 2021 06:3862.1K
Society of Mind04 Sep 2021 03:3942.5K
software design29 May 2021 02:1360.3K
Some books on writing10 Apr 2021 12:11710.7K
speculative realism11 Jun 2021 03:4154.8K
Spinoza, Ethics10 Jun 2021 07:4350.1K
stance24 Jul 2021 06:2646.2K
stance/meaningness24 Jul 2021 12:3067.3K
static-roam30 Sep 2021 11:5023.5K
static-roam tutorial20 Sep 2021 08:4343.7K
static-roam/TODOs30 Aug 2021 12:24415.4K
Stewart Brand01 Jun 2021 08:2542.5K
structuralism16 May 2021 05:57100.3K
SubGenius14 Mar 2021 06:4191.0K
swarming28 Jan 2021 12:0470.6K
Talmudic Notetaking10 Jul 2021 10:5241.5K
Tao Te Ching0.0K
Ted Nelson09 Apr 2021 11:4623.7K
Telling the American Story30 Aug 2021 11:1552.6K
The Dispossessed12 Aug 2021 08:2151.6K
The Embodied Mind16 Oct 2021 11:0653.7K
The Empathy Diaries24 Jul 2021 02:5852.3K
The Enigma of Reason09 Apr 2021 11:5541.2K
The Experience of Nothingness19 Jul 2021 07:5250.9K
The Limits Of Control18 Mar 2021 07:45512.3K
The Ministry for the Future07 Aug 2021 08:52410.6K
The purpose of second-order cybernetics, Glanville30 May 2021 08:4744.0K
The Rocket Alignment Problem03 Jun 2021 01:3926.4K
The Trap, Adam Curtis documentary23 Jun 2021 10:1262.0K
The Trial of the Chicago 703 Jun 2021 09:1057.9K
Thomas Pynchon17 Mar 2021 09:4770.6K
Thoughts Without a Thinker16 Oct 2021 11:0651.3K
Tufte: Seeing with Fresh Eyes19 Jul 2021 11:3654.8K
tulpas03 Jun 2021 07:1342.4K
Understanding Computers and Cognition: A New Foundation for Design27 Jul 2021 06:1350.4K
Urizen15 Jun 2021 03:4362.0K
Ursula K. Le Guin12 Aug 2021 08:2350.5K
Vaguely26 Sep 2021 09:5361.4K
Varieties of Argumentation Experience03 Jun 2021 01:3948.1K
Vega19 Jul 2021 11:3861.0K
Vimalakirti Sutra05 Jul 2021 06:5578.0K
virtue signalling10 Jul 2021 10:5182.7K
vitalism28 Mar 2021 02:0740.5K
Vivarium (2019)12 Sep 2021 09:1465.4K
Vivarium Project26 May 2021 08:4943.4K
Voting27 Jun 2021 10:2173.3K
VTR on Society of Mind11 Apr 2021 02:1342.0K
Walter Ong0.0K
Weird Studies14 Sep 2021 12:0273.5K
What Motivated Rescuers During the Holocaust?05 Jun 2021 10:5648.5K
What Technology Wants03 Jun 2021 09:1750.5K
White Noise19 Aug 2021 09:2259.1K
Whole Earth Catalog10 Jul 2021 09:4433.3K
Wilfred Sellars26 May 2021 08:4540.4K
William Blake26 Jun 2021 11:4357.1K
William Burroughs18 Mar 2021 07:5040.8K
William Gibson08 Mar 2021 10:1330.9K
willpower09 Apr 2021 11:0820.5K
winning09 Apr 2021 11:5242.2K
writing23 Jul 2021 04:2451.8K
You Must Change Your Life10 Jun 2021 09:2762.9K
Your Reason and Blake's System15 Jun 2021 03:4550.2K
Zettelkasten26 Jan 2021 11:3160.1K
Erlebnis26 May 2021 07:1760.7K
How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse)09 Jun 2021 10:2650.5K
Materialism, Terry Eagleton05 Sep 2021 09:3776.5K
On Purpose14 Aug 2021 08:5849.4K
Operators and Things31 May 2021 10:2551.2K
Platform for Change, Stafford Beer27 Jul 2021 11:1442.1K